Important Completing Sentences

Important Completing Sentences
Important Completing Sentences

1. He had....of fever.
Ans: strong attack
2. I told him everything lest he....
Ans: should misunderstand me
3. He had a....headache.
Ans: bad
4. When one is 'pragmatic' he is being....
Ans: practical
5. Trees their leaves.
Ans: cast
6. Prices for bicycles can run....Taka 29,000.
Ans: as high as
7. Something that is 'fresh' is something....
Ans: in fairly good condition
8. Three score is....
Ans: three times twenty
9. New programs will week in Bangladesh Television.
Ans: telecast
10. I pay such high prices.
Ans: afford
11. To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced....
Ans: diet
12. He ran fast lest he....miss the train.
Ans: should
13. Nobody knocked him down; it was an....
Ans: accident
14. The Arabian Nights....still a great favorite.
Ans: is
15. Since his retirement. Mr. Chowdhury, who....was a teacher, has written four novels.
Ans: formerly
16. It will be your task to make sure the....of traffic is maintained without interruption.
Ans: flow
17. If we want concrete proof, we are looking for....
Ans: clear evidence
18. No one can....that he is clever.
Ans: deny
19. I opened the door as soon as I....the bell.
Ans: heard
20. Don't make a nose while your father....
Ans: is sleeping
21. As the sun....I decided to go out.
Ans: was shining
22. not the only thing that tourists want to see.
Ans: Scenery
23. My uncle arrived while I....the dinner.
Ans: was cooking
24. In order to improve farming methods, we need....
Ans: machinery
25. I thought that....was the last one.
Ans: the prettiest one of all
26. She is beautiful but she is....her mother.
Ans: not so beautiful as
27. One should be careful about....duty.
Ans: one's
28. I spent....with the patient.
Ans: some time
29. No animal is so big....the blue whale.
Ans: as
30. You may accept the job on may wait for a better job
Ans: or
31. The flight will take off....that the weather is good.
Ans: provided