10 Tips to Improve Your Body Language

10 Tips to Improve Your Body Language

1. Smile: By your smile you can manage any person in many time.

2. Slow Down Your Pace: In job place or interview board try to slowly move if you have to adjust your position.

3. Be inclusive In Your Actions: Reduce physical distance between you and other person, smile, maintain eye contact & make occasional gesture towards other person.

4. Be Open With Your Emotions: If you are happy, surprised, sad, show that on your face.

5. Pace Yourself To Match Other Person: At the end of the day, everyone is different. Assess each person individually & adopt body language that will help you best connect with her/ him.

6. Minimize Movement That Distracts: Don't finger drum, skin peel, nail bite, scab pick.

7. Keep An Open Space Before Your Upper Torso: Don't fold you arms hug your bag, put things on you lap.

8. Have Eye Contact: Important to establish connection.

9. When Resting On Your Hand, Keep The Insides Of Your Hand Faced Outwards: This makes you appear more open.

10. Be Comfortable In Your Space: Don't fidget, Don't squirm, Don't lose yourself in your body.