15 Ways to Improve Memory

15 Ways to Improve Memory

1. Read More:
Reading is essential for those who seek to rise memory. Not only books but also newspaper, journal, history etc. It just logs your reading & saves your quotes. So we can say it's a way to improve memory.

2. Little & Often:
Little & Often is a simply means to put information on your list. Work on it for a short period and if item is not done at end of the day.

3. Write Things Down: Writing things down helps you to record anything that has your attention. You Brain is a great outlet which suggests ideas to greater than your think. It clears your mind for higher level thinking.

4. Chunking: Chunking refers to process of taking individual pieces of grouping & information into larger units. It is a process which individual pieces of an information set.

5. Make it a Story: Make it a story everyday. Create your own story using Imagine forest story resources & creator. Write your own story some line everyday.

6. Acronyms: Acronyms is a word formed from initial components of longer phrase. As like UK, NATO, WHO, EU, WTO, ADB, IDB, WB etc.

7. Say Things Out Loud: To day something everyday it will be heard for because for it you need to thinking many.

8. Practice, Practice, Practice: A proverb Practice makes a man perfect. It you doing something again & again to improve and learn is called Practice. A regular practice increase you skill soccer.

9. Silly Sentences: Silly sentence is important increase you knowledge level. It is a great way to increase you interest in writing skills.

10. Superior Focus: Superior Focus execution is often at the heart of your success. Troubles discussion mostly want to post this to vent about superior focuses.

11. Teach it to Some Else: Thousands of years we have known that best way to understand a concept is to explain it and teach it to some else.

12. Ask Why: Why is an important word to know about anything from anyone or anyway. You can ask anything by using the word why. We can say why is most efficient method of storing information.

13. Test Yourself: Test yourself is a good way to increase memory. Learn anything about anything and apply in quizzes.

14. Drink Water: Now a days doctors advice to drink minimum 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water required to maintain good health varies, age, health related issues, environmental conditions and depends on physical activity level.

15. Get Enough Sleep: Go to sleep at same time each night and get up sometime each morning. Don't sleep less than 6 hours. Because poor sleep is liked to higher body weight. Everyday enough sleep is essential for helping a person maintain optimal health & well being.