Bank & Government Job Exam Preparation Model Test


1.How many goals did Messi score to break Pele’s international goal scoring record?
Answer: 78

2. When the stock prices are persistently on the rise, it is known as…market.
Answer: bullish

3. ‘Maitre Super Thermal Power Project’ is located at…
Answer: Rampal

4. One petabyte is equal to 1024…
Answer: Terabyte

5. Which country is not a member of OPEC?
Answer: Malaysia

6. The waterfall ‘Victoria’ is on the river…
Answer: Zambezi

7. Which vitamin is necessary for blood clotting?
Answer: K

8. The book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster’ is written by…
Answer: Bill Gates

9. Which political party has won the Germany Election 2021?
Answer: SPD

10. Which country is the largest producer of natural gas?
Answer: Russia

11. In England, Tulip Siddiq is acting as the shadow minister for the Ministry of…
Answer: Child Care

12. Summer Olympics 2024 will be hosted by…
Answer: France

13. The term ‘Amicus Curiae’ is related to…
Answer: Judiciary

14. In computer terminology, OCR stands for…
Answer: Optical Character Reader

15. In computer terminology, IoT stands for…
Answer: Internet of Things

16. Which key combination is used to permanently delete a file?
Answer: Shift + delete

17. Bangladesh is scheduled to officially become a developing country in…
Answer: 2026

18. Bangladesh is providing…million foreign currency assistance to Sri Lanka.
Answer: $250

19. The SDG goals are intended to be achieved by year…
Answer: 2030

20. The country’s 28th gas field in…
Answer: Zakiganj

21. Arif is always admired for his great political…
Answer: acumen

22. Arif did not properly utilize the time as he went on…on one point alone.
Answer: devoting

23. There were…views on the issue of winding up the company.
Answer: divergent

24. Would you mind…a cup of tea with me?
Answer: having

25. I absolutely refuse to put…with that sort of conduct.
Answer: up

26. The government must…all resources of energy.
Answer: harness

27. The victim applied for and was…legal aid by Government.
Answer: offered

28. This book is a useful…to our library.
Answer: addition

29. We had a…of cold weather in November.
Answer: spell

30. A cure for all diseases is known as…
Answer: Panacea

31. All my hopes…
Answer: were nipped in the bud

32. Did you use to…with dolls?
Answer: play

33. When I…money, I will buy a book.
Answer: get

34. I don’t feel like…
Answer: Talking to you

35. All the books have been sold, there…left.
Answer: is none

36. The cat on the mat is fat. The underlined is…
Answer: Noun phrase

37. ‘I know who he is’ This is an example of…
Answer: Complex Sentence

38. Synonym of ‘Deplorable’ is…
Answer: Miserable

39. The synonym of ‘Panacea’ is…
Answer: Cure all

40. The antonym of the word ‘Prodigal’ is…
Answer: Thrifty

41. The antonym of the word Zenith is…
Answer: Lowest Point

42. The adjective of the word ‘sea’ is…
Answer: Marine

43. Verb of ‘Master’s…
Answer: Master

44. Choose the correct spelt word…
Answer: Etiquette

45. The expression ‘Voir Dire’ means…
Answer: evidence of the witness

46. Who of the following is not a novelist?
Answer: William Blake

47. Who wrote the book ‘The Waste Land’?
Answer: TS Eliot

48. The Nobel Prize of Literature in 2019 was awarded to…
Answer: Peter Handke

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