General Knowledge in English Bangladesh Part One

Who wrote the book ‘Bangladesh Budget: Economics and Politics’?
Answer: Akbar Ali Khan

How many border hats are there between Bangladesh and India?
Answer: 7

Who is the first female Managing Director (MD) in Bangladesh Banking Sector?
Answer: Mahtab Zabin

How many five years plans are adopted in Bangladesh?
Answer: 8

When will the second satellite of Bangladesh be launched?
Answer: 2023

What is the rank of Bangladesh in Freelancing?
Answer: Second, first: India

What is the present name of Adamshumari O Grihoganana?
Answer: Jonoshumari O Grihoganana

How many geographical indication products are in Bangladesh?
Answer: 9 Products

How much amount of money remains tax free income for general taxpayers in 2021-22 fiscal year?
Answer: 3,00,000

What is the present per capital income in Bangladesh according to Bangladesh Bureau of statistics 2021?
Answer: $2,554

How many gas fields are there in Bangladesh?
Answer: 28 gas fields

Where is the 28th gas field situated?
Answer: Zakiganj, Sylhet

When the National Birth and Dearth Registration Day is observed in Bangladesh?
Answer: 6 October

Who proposed ‘Bangabandhu’ title bestowed on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?
Answer: Rezaul Hoque Chowdhury Mostak

Where is the sculpture ‘Nirvik’ situated?
Answer: Noakhali

Which Bangladesh scientist won the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2021?
Answer: Dr. Firdausi Qadri

How Many freedom fighters are recognized as heroic women (Birangana) in Bangladesh title 24 August 2021?
Answer: 438

When Bangladesh India ‘Friendship Day’ (Maitree Diwas) is observed?
Answer: 6 December

What is the full form of AIP?
Answer: Agricultural Important Person

What is the projected inflation rate in 2021-2022 fiscal year?
Answer: 5.3%


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