Industry Brings Happiness - Story


 An old farmer had two lazy sons. The knew that their father had a lot of money and gold. So they did not do any work. The farmer did not know how to make them work. He thought and thought and on his deathbed he hit upon a plan. He called his two sons to his bedside and said, "My sons, go to yonder lands, I'm old and sick. I may die any time. You'll find my treasures hidden in my lands." The sons thought that there were golds in the soil of their lands. So the next day they started digging the soil of their fields. But they did not find any gold. They dug and dug but failed to get anything. At last being annoyed they stopped digging. But they did not mistake sawing seeds in the field. The next harvest they got plenty of crops. This time the old man said, "See my sons, here is my treasure in the field." Since then the idle boys gave up idleness and started to work hard in the field.

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