Most Important 100 English Question and Answer for Primary Teacher/ Government Job/ Bank Job/ BCS Exam

 1. 'Contaminate' means
Answer: Pollute

2. He is ... European.
Answer: a

3. I know that he did the work বাক্যটির সঠিক পরিবর্তিত voice কি হবে।
Answer: It is known to me that the work was done by him.

4. The ... of the camel was found lying by the side of the canal.
Answer: Carcass

5. 'He taught me to read Arabic' বাক্যটির passive form হবে।
Answer: I was taught by him to read Arabic.

6. Choose the right verb: Rabindranath's stories often ... surprise ending.
Answer: have

7. Which one is a common noun?
Answer: infant

8. Select the correct ones: Our teacher told the monitor to hand out scripts ... the class.
Answer: among

9. 'Amicable' শব্দের অর্থ কি?
Answer: সৌহার্দপূর্ণ

10. She asked me, 'Are you happy in your new job?'
Answer: She asked me if I was happy in my new job.

11. 'Pragmatic' শব্দের অর্থ কি?
Answer: বাস্তবধর্মী

12. Choose the correct options. The Government has extended a warm welcome ... the visiting delegation.
Answer: to

13. Identify the correct sentence ...
Answer: He is working hard to stand first.

14. ‘লোভে পাপ, পাপে মৃত্যু’ এর ইংরেজি অনুবাদ কোনটি?
Answer: Greed leads to sin and to death

15. Find the correct sentence ...
Answer: Over a billion people use Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

16. Choose the word correctly spelt.
Answer: Sovereignty

17. He writes a letter. In this sentence, 'write' is a ...
Answer:  Transitive verb

18. In order to access the world wide web you need ...
Answer: An Internet connection, an Internet service provider & Browser.

19. The plural form of 'Nucleus' is ...
Answer: Nuclei

20. She said, 'Let me come in'. Which of the following is correct indirect form.
Answer: She requested that she might come in.

21. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Here 'rolling is?
Answer: Participle

22. Which one is in singular number?
Answer: Index

23. The ... board has deleted a number of scenes.
Answer: Censor

24. I decided to go ... with my friend as I needed some exercises.
Answer: for a walk.

25. Which of the following sentences is correct?
Answer: I forbade him for going.

26. The word 'Indigenous' is meaning of ...
Answer: Native

27. Which one is the correct narration- Who told, 'Do the work'.
Answer: He asked to do the work.

28. 'Proclaim' means ...
Answer: declare

29. টাকায় টাকা আনে - প্রবাদটির শুদ্ধ ইংরেজি কি?
Answer: Money begets money

30. কোন মানুষ একা বাস করতে পারে না? শুদ্ধ ইংরেজিতে অনুবাদ কোনটি?
Answer: No man can live alone

31. Choose the correct form (passive) of 'Who will do the work?'
Answer: By whom will the work be done.

32. Choose the correct spelt word.
Answer: Supersede

33. তুমি কি কখনো কুয়াকাটা গিয়েছ? শুদ্ধ ইংরেজিতে অনুবাদ কোনটি?
Answer: Have you ever been to kuakata?

34. কোনটি শুদ্ধ বানান?
Answer: bouquet

35. 'He took me there.' The passive voice is ...
Answer: I was taken there by him

36. To 'raise one brows' indicates that ...
Answer: Surprise

37. 'Able' শব্দটির  Verb নিচের কোনটি?
Answer: Enable

38. Government has been entrusted ... elected politicians.
Answer: with

39. Choose the pair of words that expresses a relationship similar to that of given pair -  Words : Writer
Answer: Butter : Backer

40. Which of the following sentences is correct?
Answer: The shirt that he bought is blue in colour.

41. Which one is Reflexive pronoun?
Answer: Myself

42. To read between the lines means ...
Answer: to grasp the hidden meaning

43. 'He was taken to task' এর বাংলা হলো ...
Answer: তাকে তিরস্কার করা হয়েছিল

44. Fill in the blank: You should ... swimming.
Answer: start up

45. Which one is the correct sentence?
Answer: Neither of the roads leads to the railway station.

46. 'Paradise Lost' attempted to ...
Answer: Justify the ways of God to man

47. 'Duchess' is feminine of ...
Answer: Duke

48. Choose the correct sentence.
Answer: He has been living here for five months.

49. Choose the correct sentence.
Answer: He speaks English like the English.

50. 'Salt of life' stands for ...
Answer: Valuable things

51. Which word is not a noun?
Answer: Defame

52. Fill in the blank: He had written the book before he ...
Answer: retired

53. Correct passive form of - 'I have to do it'
Answer: It has to be done by me

54. 'The baby is always smiling' এর বাংলা অনুবাদ হলো ...
Answer: শিশুটির মুখে হাসি লেগেই আছে

55. Choose the correct spelled word.
Answer: Tsunami

56. What is the antonym of hybrid?
Answer: purebred

57. Fill in the blank: The climate is congenial ... health.
Answer: to

58.'Maiden speech' means ...
Answer: first speech

59. 'To keep one's head' means ...
Answer: to keep calm

60. Choose the correctly spelt word ...
Answer: accelerate

61. Which of the following words is right in spelling?
Answer: Cholera

62. Identify the correct sentence ...
Answer: She had faith in and hopes for the future

63. Choose the correct sentence ...
Answer: The police were informed of the matter

64. নিচের কোন বাক্যটি শুদ্ধ?
Answer: I felt his pulse

65. 'He asked me when the next letter would come?'
Answer: He said to me, 'When will the next letter come?'

66. Which sentence is in indirect format:
Answer: My friends advised me to lock my room

67. 'I will have a cup of tea' my father said 'because I'm not hungry.' Which one is the correct indirect speech?
Answer: My father said that he would have a cup of tea because he was not hungry.

68. 'Who can do it' বাক্যটির passive form কি হবে?
Answer: By whom can it be done

69. 'He pleases us' - বাক্যটির passive form কি হবে?
Answer: We are pleased with him

70. What is the adjective of the word 'tax'?
Answer: taxable

71. Noun of the word 'brief' is ...
Answer: brevity

72. Choose the correct preposition in the blank of the sentence 'I count ... help'
Answer: upon

73. Choose the right preposition for the blank space in 'What is the time ... your watch?'
Answer: by

74. What is the antonym of 'queer'?
Answer: orderly

75. The synonym of the word 'pitfall' is ...
Answer: shortcoming

76. A synonym for 'mischievous' is ...
Answer: vicious

77. The antonym of 'indifference' is ...
Answer: concern

78. Noun of the word 'Break' is ...
Answer: breakdown

79. 'Might' শব্দটির adjective নিচের কোনটি?
Answer: Mighty

80. 'Does he speak English well?' বাক্যটির সঠিক passive হচ্চে ...
Answer: Is English spoken well by him?

81. 'All his pupils like him' বাক্যটির সঠিক passive form কি?
Answer: He is liked by all his pupils

82. Anis said, 'I must write a letter'. The indirect narration of this sentence is ...
Answer: Anis said that he had to write a letter

83. 'How dare you wake up?' The lion roared at the nose. Choose the correct narration.
Answer: The lion roared and asked the nous how it dared to wake him up.

84. Choose the correct sentence ...
Answer: He is angry with me

85. 'By fits and starts' means ...
Answer: Irregularly

86. 'Fag end' means ...
Answer: The last part

87. The idiom 'Bring the book' means ...
Answer: Rebuke

88. He prides himself ... his wealth.
Answer: on

89. The boy wonders ... in the streets.
Answer: at

90. Choose the correct spelling?
Answer: Dysentery

91. What is the antonym of 'Expel'?
Answer: Admit

92. What is the synonym of 'Remember'
Answer: Recollect

93. What is the antonym of the word 'Somber'?
Answer: Bright

94. What is the meaning of the word 'Nascent'?
Answer: Beginning

95. How many types of Gender are there?
Answer: Four types

96. Choose the correct spelling?
Answer: Sovereignty

97. Choose the correct spelling?
Answer: Dilemma

98. Choose the correct spelling?
Answer: Commission

99. Choose the correct spelling?
Answer: Awkward

100. Choose the correct spelling?
Answer: Acquaintance

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