Government and Bank Recruitment Preparation


1. … opportunity comes responsibility.
Answer: With

2. … the year 2014 and 2019, I was a student of the University of Dhaka.
Answer: Between

3. Are you sure that you…the killer before?
Answer: had been

4. I have enrolled at…European University.
Answer: a

5. What is antonym of ‘Segregate’?
Answer: combine

6. The children were too flabbergasted…
Answer: to speak

7. Good morning I…see the manager, please.
Answer: would like to

8. There was somebody walking behind us. I thought we…
Answer: were being followed

9. You have been working since morning. (You have) your lunch yet?
Answer: Have you had

10. Which of the following has the similar sound of the word ‘won’?
Answer: one

11. Choose the correct sentence…
Answer: She disguised lest she should be recognized

12. Choose the correct sentence…
Answer: No sooner had he graduated than he got a job

13. What is the noun form of the word ‘defer’?
Answer: Deferment

14. What is the verb form of the word ‘Acquisition’?
Answer: Acquire

15. What a synonym of the word ‘erudite’?
Answer: Knowledgeable

16. Choose the correct translation of the sentence: You should fight shy of an evil company
তোমার বাজে সঙ্গ এড়িয়ে চলা উচিত

17. I am feeling under the weather. What does the underlined phrase mean?
Answer: Feeling slightly ill

18. I would have made sure Rana was here…were coming.
Answer: If I had known you

19. Choose the correct sentence…
Answer: The kid likes watching cartoons and eating chocolates

20. Two truck 300 km away are travelling towards is other with a constant speed, truck A is moving at an average speed 50 km/h who long does it take them to meet.
Answer: 2.5 Hours

21. Ahmed sold a T-shirt for Tk 810 and gain 8%. How much did he purchase it for?
Answer: Tk 750

22. A restaurant makes 20% profit after selling a set menu at a discount of 20%. What is the percentage increase of marked price?
Answer: 50%

23. You are looking at a billboard 40m away with an angle of elevation of 30. At what height is the billboard?
Answer: 23.09

24. What is the probability of getting a sum of six if two dices are thrown at once?
Answer: 5/36

25. A ladder rests against a wall that is perpendicular to the ground if the bottom of the ladder is 4m away from the bottom of the wall, while the top of the ladder is at a height of 3m. What is the length of the ladder.
Answer: 5m

26. In a room of 36 people. 20 players play chase while 28 players play poker. How many players play both?
Answer: 12

27. A fair six side dice is rolled. Find the probability of getting an odd number or a number less than 4.
Answer: 2:3

28. How many positive integers less than ten thousand are multiples of both eight and eighteen.
Answer: 138

29. The H.C.F and L.C.M of two numbers are 12 and 288 respectively. If one of the numbers is 96. Find the other…
Answer: 36

30. The ratio of male students of female students in a class in 13 to 19. If there are 224 people in the class, including one teacher. One administrator and thirty evaluators. How many people in the class are male students?
Answer: 78

31. 5 years ago the ratio of father’s age to son’s age was 5:1 and 2 years later father’s age will be 3 times his son’s age. What is ratio of their present age?
Answer: 10:3

32. A train 220m long is moving at 45km/h. The time taken by the train to cross tunnel 260m long is…
Answer: 38sec

33. Who was the first English translator of Bangladesh national anthem?
Answer: Syed Ali Ahsan

34. A vegetable cart sells a potato for $0.24 and a tomato for $0.76 Fred bought 12 vegetables in total, he only bought potatoes and tomatoes. If Fred paid $6.52 total, how many potatoes did he buy?
Answer: 5

35. In which district the ‘Tin Bigha Corridor’ is located?
Answer: Lalmonirhat

36. Which Bangladeshi has been awarded the ‘Padma Bhushan 2020’ by the government of India?
Answer: Syed Muazzem Ali

37. According to WEF’s (World Economic Forum) Global Gender Gap Report, what is the ranking of Bangladesh in South Asia?
Answer: 1st

38. What is the theme for the 6th Bricks Youth Summit 2020?
Answer: BRICS: Challenges of the time for young people

39. Who is the new Secretary General of BIMSTEC?
Answer: Tenzin Lekphell (Bhutan)

40. Who is the writer of the book called. ‘A Promised Land’?
Answer: Barack Obama

41. According to the ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) index 2020 Bangladesh has reached.
Answer: 109th

42. Is the keyboard of a computer pressing F8 key for three times selects?
Answer: A sentence

43. Which was the world first electronic computer?
Answer: ENIAC

44. Which word is marked as ‘Word of the Year 2020’ is Cambridge Dictionary?
Answer: Quarantine

45. Which one was the Naval Sector in the Liberation War of Bangladesh?
Answer: 10

46. Which project of Bangladesh is related to the concept of ‘One city two towns?
Answer: Karnafuli river tunnel

47.  Dead Sea is a….
Answer: Lake

48. Recently HPM received award at UN for…
Answer: SDG

49. Which of the following is not a Scandinavian country?
Answer: Netherland

50. Where did Leonardo da Vinci draw his famous fesco ‘The Last Supper’?
Answer: Milan

51. What is the name of latest Rover sent by NASA to the Mars?
Answer: Perseverance

52. Which of the SDG goals speaks about women empowerment?
Answer: SDG 5

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